Product Info

Pre-install Instructions

  1. Prior to painting, please ensure this is the correct part by:
    1. testing the fit of this part on your truck
    2. testing the fit of your lights, grille and all accessories
  2. Wash the hood with a mixture of mild soap or dishwashing liquid and water using a soft sponge. Rinse with clear water. Use mineral spirits to remove surface stains.
  3. Clean the surface using any solvent to remove mold release agents, wax, dirt, and other greasy agents.
  4. Sand the hood surface lightly using 400-600 grit wet sand paper. This step will help guarantee a good adherence of the primer and top coat.
  5. Clean the hood with clear water, and then apply paint thinner to remove all dirt and grease from the surface.
  6. Apply the fiberglass primer of your preference to the surface and cover the entire area. Make sure the primer is suggested for use with the top coat paint you plan to use.
  7. If necessary, sand and clean again before painting.
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Product Warranty


Prices subject to change without notice


A written or electronic order may be required when delivery or shipping is involved. Truckload orders can be sent to Order forms are available through Guardian.

The customer is solely responsible for 1) proper vehicle/product identification, 2) complete and correct orders. Any requests for changes on orders may be declined, depending on timeliness and product availability.


Limited warranty against manufacturing defects and inner structure failure. The length of this warranty is for 2 years, and is limited to and not to exceed cost of defective product, and applies to hoods only.

Freight Policy

LTL shipments are F.O.B Hudson, CO 80642 unless other arrangements have been made with Guardian. Truckload shipments are F.O.B. Guardian’s supplier(s) location.

Damaged Goods

Every effort is made to ensure your order is accurately and properly packaged. If, for any reason, there is anything missing or damaged, every effort should be made to contact a Guardian representative immediately.

It is the responsibility of the carrier to deliver the merchandise in good condition. If you receive an opened or damaged package/crate, inspect the contents before signing for them. If the item is damaged and you can repair it, write “DAMAGED”, as well as any related notes, on the delivery sheet and sign for it, then call Guardian in either case. Do not reject the shipment, or you may incur fees by doing so. Inspect product thoroughly – all product signed for, without “damaged” marked on the bill of lading becomes the customers’ responsibility. If damage is not noticed until merchandise is signed for and unpacked, notify Guardian immediately by phone. Guardian will likely require photos to be sent for each damaged product.

Guardian ultimately claims no responsibility for products damaged in transit.

Returned Goods

Guardian must be notified prior to a return. Customer must disclose condition and reason for return in order for Guardian to approve a return request. Returned goods will be subject to a restocking fee of 25%. Depending upon the condition of crating/packaging there may be a charge to repackage the goods. If the returned items have been improperly repackaged and damage has resulted, reduced or no credit may be given. Cost of return shipping is the responsibility of the customer. Painted Hoods are not returnable! Confirm fit before painting. All returns are at the discretion of Guardian Heavy Duty, LLC. No returns will be considered after 14 days of the customer’s original date of receipt.

Bottom Side Advantage

Superior and unique quality and strength – the infrastructure of our fiberglass products are all wrapped in fiberglass to ensure long life and durability.