We manufacture high quality aftermarket bumpers for the best brands. These are manufactured using 100% pure and certified rigid and flexible Fiber Glass.

International 4900

Material: Chrome, Steel
Code: I105-003
Year: 89-02


International 8100, Ends

Material: Fiberglass
Codes: LH: I105-105; RH: I105-205
Year: 1998 and UP

International 9200/9400

Model: 9200, 9400, 9200i and 9400i
Material: 1 Peice, Chrome Steel
Code: I105-002
Year: 1998 and UP

International 9200/9400, spoiler only

Model: 9200, 9400, 9200i, and 9400i
Material: Fiberglass
Code: I105-004
Year: 1998 and UP

International 9400 Only

Material: Chrome
Code: I105-001
Year: 1996 and Older

International Prostar, Newer

Material: 3 pc fiberglass
Code: Complete: I105-006B; LH Piece: I105-106B; RH Piece: I105-206B
Year: 2012 and UP
Notes: Newer style only. 2 pc older style ends in 06A

International Prostar, Older

Material: 2 pc fiberglass
Code: LH: I105-106A and RH: I105-206A
Year: 2008 and UP (about 2012)
Notes: Older style only. New style, 3 pc, ends in 06B

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