Fender Extensions

International 4700/4900 (non-LP)

LH Code: I111-102
RH Code: I111-202
Year: 1990 to 2002
Notes: NOT for lo pro. For lo pro: see I111-005

International 8100/4700LP/4900LP

Code: LH: I111-105; RH: I111-205
Year: 1990 to 2002
Notes: Works on 4700/4900 Lo Pro's


International 8300

Code: LH: I111-103; RH: I111-203

International 9200 & 9400

LH Code: I111-104
RH Code: I111-204
Year: 1997 and up
Notes: For 9200/9200i, 9400/9400i


International 9400

Code: LH: I111-101; RH: I111-201
Year: 96 and older

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