Fuel Tank Covers and Side Fairings

Freightliner Columbia/Century, Front

Code: Right: F164-201 and Left: F164-101

Kenworth T-600 Aero, Center

Code: Right: K164-201AM31, 36, or 41 and Left: K164-101AM31, 36, or 41
Notes: 31, 36, 41 signifies measurement hole to hole on fairing

Kenworth T-600 Aero, Front

Code: Right: K164-201A and Left: K164-101A

Kenworth T-600 Aero, Rear

Code: Right: K164-201AR and Left: K164-101AR

Kenworth T-600 Non-Aero, Lower

Model: T-600 A, B, II, Non-Aero
Code: Right: K164-202L and Left: K164-102L

Kenworth T-600 Non-Aero, Upper

Model: T-600 A, B, II, Non-Aero
Code: Right: K164-202U and Left: K164-102U

Kenworth T-660, Front

Code: Style with Ext’n: LH: K164-103A, RH: K164-203A. Style without Ext’n: LH: K164-103B, RH: K164-203B

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